Understanding baby’s needs – A-Z

Understanding baby’s needs – A-Z

Have you ever looked into your baby’s eyes and wondered what she is feeling or thinking?
Have you ever wished he could tell you what he needs at times when you feel at a loss to know what to do?
You are the centre of your baby’s world. Everything she learns about the world she first learns through her relationship with you. Together you embark on an amazing journey of watching, listening and discovering each other.

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I Need You…. invites you to see the world from a baby’s point of view. It will encourage you to think about your relationship with your baby and all the amazing ways that your relationship helps him grow and develop. Babies learn to understand themselves, relationships and their world through the experiences we give them.
It is the small things you do every day with your baby, that shapes how he feel about himself and help him to learn that relationships can be safe, loving and supportive.
The key is to give yourself a chance to learn together with you baby.
Read the full article from the Australian Childhood Foundation.


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