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Support for Fathers

Support for Fathers talked to dads, families and support services across Australia and asked them what they would like to learn more about in relation to fatherhood and how to support men as dads.

We have put together a range of resources for dads, their partners and support services working with dads and families.

Whether you are thinking about becoming a dad, on your way to being a dad, already a dad or just want to learn more about dads and fatherhood, this is the right place for you.

These resources focus on the role of dads, the relationship between dad and their partner and the bond between dad and his child.

For Professionals

Our Professionals’ Toolkit is a practical guide for support services working with dads and families with the aim of improving opportunities for dads to access support services and, support service approach to working with dads.

We have compiled a national list of dads programs so support services can find out what’s happening in their area and find inspiration to start something of their own.

We have also put together a list of the important frameworks, guidelines and toolkits that might be useful in your programs and practice.


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