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MotherBloom Perinatal Psychology

Amiee-Jade Pember is the Community Psychologist behind MotherBloom. MotherBloom is a perinatal psychology service in Busselton, WA. As a Perinatal Psychologist, Amiee works with women from pre-conception through to the postpartum and early years of parenting (up to 3yrs of age).

“MotherBloom is a concept close to my heart. I am passionate about supporting women in the journey of matrescence, one of the most significant developmental milestones in our lives. It requires a re-negotiation of our sense of Self; as we learn to be in relationship with our little ones, we are also learning to relate to ourself and our partner in new ways. It is no wonder during this time our past relationship challenges, our own childhood experiences, as well as any trauma we have experienced along the way, can resurface and leave us feeling unravelled. As a Perinatal Psychologist, I help you to make sense of it all. There is room for you Mumma, and for your baby. I see you.”


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