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Hospital to Home

Hospital to Home was originally a pilot program, however with ongoing funding we are able to continue to provide our support to bereaved families. This program was initially developed following feedback from families feeling isolated and alone following the death of their baby.

We now support families who have experienced the death of a baby or infant within the last three months through Stillbirth and Termination for Medical Reasons after 20 weeks gestation, Neonatal Death and SIDS or SUDI death up to 12 months of age. This support is provided through up to 6 support sessions with one of our Bereavement Support Workers who has lived experience of the death of a baby or infant. These sessions can be provided by phone, videoconference or face to face depending on location.

We are very much guided by what the family wants and needs out of our sessions, but some of the options may include:

  • Emotional support and help with memory making
  • Guidance and support around creating a funeral/memorial
  • Support to attend follow-up medical appointments and receive genetic test or autopsy results
  • Providing information on grief, how it impacts individuals and relationships, and the supports available.
  • Talking to/supporting siblings, liaison with their school
  • Practical support, including unsubscribing from parenting forums and accessing Centrelink entitlements
  • Preparing people within the community to respond sensitively to parents’ needs, including return to work
  • Providing support to extended family (e.g. grandparents)
  • Responding to requests from bereaved parents for other types of emotional and practical support

I have attached a copy of our ‘Hospital to Home Support’ document which you are welcome to share with your families. Using this link; you are welcome to refer them directly, or they can also self-refer themselves if they would prefer.

We would be happy to present to your network (whether in person or via videoconference) to explain more about Hospital to Home and the services that both Red Nose and Sands offer.


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