Gidget – Start Talking
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Gidget – Start Talking

National Telehealth Program for Families Experiencing Perinatal Depression and Anxiety

Gidget Foundation Australia’s Start Talking program provides free specialist perinatal telehealth psychological counselling services for expectant and new parents nationwide.

Services are provided by psychologists and social workers and are delivered via a video call service, similar to FaceTime or Skype.

Start Talking offers the same quality of care available through Gidget Foundation Australia’s face-to-face psychology services at Gidget House, affording quality treatment for those with limited access.

Support is also provided to people who have experienced a pregnancy or childbirth-related loss, such as stillbirth, miscarriage or termination, within the last 12 months.

Partners are also able to access our specialised services.

Contact the Start Talking staff by filling in the form on their website:


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