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Holistic Birth Debriefing

Birth debriefing and support for disappointing, difficult or traumatic birth. This can be in the form of a one-off debrief or with extra support sessions to debrief multiple births, have a debrief session with partner present, go through hospital notes, support for putting in a formal complaint or to go a bit deeper into how a traumatic birth can impact matrescence.A birth debrief is $220 and takes approximately 2-2.5hrs (no set time limit as each birth story is unique) or the support package is an additional $280 (for a total of $500) and includes three, fortnightly 1hr Zoom sessions tailored to meet individual need.

I provide holistic birth debriefing services for mothers, helping them navigate and process their birth experiences in a comprehensive and supportive manner. Through personalized sessions, I create a safe and empathetic space for mothers to express their emotions, reflect on their birth journeys, and address any unresolved feelings or concerns. By offering a holistic approach, I consider not only the physical aspects of childbirth but also the emotional, psychological, systemic and spiritual aspects. My aim is to empower mothers by promoting healing, understanding, and acceptance, ultimately assisting them in finding closure and empowering them as they continue on their matrescence journey.


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