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Dads Group

Offers new and expecting fathers a father-facilitated place to connect, learn, share or ask questions about fatherhood.

In response to the evolving COVID-19 situation and in partnership with our mates at Movember we have taken Dads Groups online. We have set up 7 different time-slots across each week so that you can have a chance to connect with other Dads during this unexpected and unprecedented time.

Group Times: 10am, EVERYDAY of the week

You can jump into any group by clicking on the Zoom link here, or from our Facebook page.

This is the average new Dad.

His world has just been turned up-side-down. It goes without saying that he loves his partner and his new child, but he’s also feeling overwhelmed…

  • He’s trying to figure out his role.

  • He wonders if his parenting skills are good enough.

  • He’s so tired he’s struggling to perform at work.

  • He finds there’s no time catch up with friends anymore.

  • He’s feeling like a failure… at everything.

  • But desperately trying to be strong for everyone else.

The early stages of fatherhood are a time of acute stress and loneliness for many dads.


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