M Harber’s Poem

M Harber’s Poem

The Circle of Women

She is welcomed into the circle of women.
Threat system in overdrive, barely keeping it together.
There’s a struggle in her eyes, the truth feels too shameful to share.
Yet, there’s an atmosphere of support, honesty-no judgement here.

The courage of these women has a ripple effect.
Their stories, their experiences; so familiar.
She takes off her mask and takes a deep breath.
Voice trembling, tears shedding, she unburdens herself.

She hears “oh, me too”.
There’s a collective sigh of relief. They assure her, she’s not alone.
The shame melts away as they give voice to their struggles.
The unspeakable truths are spoken; the not living up to the mother or
partner they thought they’d be, the grief, the unknown.

These women catch her each time she falls.
Two steps forward, one step back.
Slowly, she realises what they have all come to know.
The ‘perfect mother’ is just that, the perfect lie; struggles hidden below.

As time goes past, she welcomes the new mums into the circle.
There’s a growing confidence in her, a strength she did not know.
She nurtures her babies, determined to be her best.
And just like these women, she is honest and real. She is radiant.

– M. Harber


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