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It’s a simple idea.
Dads are really busy before and after
the birth – there is no way they’ll come to lots of
parenting classes… but they do have mobile phones.

The birth of a new baby can be the happiest time in a dads’ life. But getting ready for the new arrival can be difficult. All of the changes after the birth can also be hard to manage. This is a time when dads are usually very busy and they may not have support available. When stress builds up dads may not know where to go or who to ask. Even with the internet there are so many options that it is not easy to find the right information.

SMS4dads provides new fathers with information and connections to online services through their mobile phones. The text messages with tips, information and links to other services help fathers understand and connect with their baby and support their partner. The expected date of delivery or date of birth, which is entered at enrolment, ensure that the texts are linked to the developmental stage of the baby (from week 20 of the pregnancy until 24 weeks post birth). Many texts use the ‘voice’ of the baby, for example, ‘Talk to me about anything dad. Your words will help my brain development’ others suggest actions ‘Find ways to tell your partner she is doing an amazing job. This could be really important to her’.

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