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Counselling is an opportunity to discuss issues that are causing concern in a supportive, respectful and confidential environment. People can attend counselling as individuals, couples, or as a family. Counselling for children is also available.

Matters discussed include couple issues, relationship breakdown, parenting, domestic violence, anxiety, depression, grief, sexual issues, childhood sexual abuse, stress and conflict in various situations including work related conflicts. Relationships Australia also offers counselling for people with disability, carers and support workers.

In addition to our general services, which are open to everyone, Relationships Australia also has several programs specifically for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Our overall aim in service delivery is not to make the people fit the service, but to make the service fit the people.

In the sessions counsellors facilitate discussion about the issues that are causing concern, exploring factors that might be influencing those situations and supporting clients to work towards dealing with or resolving the issues in a way that suits the individual client.

We also offer Education and Professional Development workshops for Adults.

Our counselling service is also available in Busselton on Mondays, which operates out of our RAWA location at 93 Duchess Street. To respond to recent changes, some clients now opt for our telephone or video counselling.



Counselling for individuals, couples, children and families; education workshops for adults.


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